The making of this blog

Unlike some people, I am not an open book. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s really hard for me to open up about things I truly feel and care about, and if I do happen to tear down some of that wall, I always say things in a joking manner because humor is easy. Laying in bed at night makes me (and a lot of other people…) think about life. As Elie Wiesel says:

Night is purer than day; it is better for thinking and loving and dreaming. At night, everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning.

Night is when I let my thoughts and feelings roam free. So, of course, laying in bed at 3am is when I decided to make a blog. I’m making this mostly for me, as a place to actually write down how and what I think about life, but if anyone wants to know what I’m like without clouds of sarcasm covering my brain, this is probably the best place to go.

If you want the sarcasm and humor blog, go visit my Tumblr 😉