The video of my life


Every aspect of this video – the video itself, the lyrics to the song, and the tune of the song – is how I picture my dream life. Here’s why:

The lyrics.

The lyrics taken at face value don’t really describe how I want my life to be, but in a metaphorical way they kind of do. I don’t want my heart to be numb or to be a lonely soul. But one message the lyrics get across is that this person was changed by meeting someone else. I know that I have changed throughout my lifetime, especially over these past four years of college. I have met people from different states, countries, religions, college majors, sports team fanbases, etc. The list goes on and on. And whether or not I’ve obviously noticed it, all of these people I have met throughout my lifetime have changed me. I never want that to stop. I want to meet people who have similar ideas, but also ones who have drastically different ideas. I want to meet people who challenge me and make me think about why I believe in or do something. I want to meet people who I have so much in common with that I can’t help being friends with them, but at the same time, I want to meet people with whom I seemingly have nothing in common. I just want to meet people, plain and simple. Because when you meet people, you change, and I never want to stop changing.

What we are never changes. Who we are never stops changing. -Gil Grissom (CSI:)

The tune.

The tune of “Feel Again” can’t help but make me smile. If someone put this song on when I was having a bad day, it would probably turn my day around. It’s just so uplifting and just sounds so happy and inspiring. It makes me want to bop around and smile and forget every bad thing about life. It’s like watching a sunrise at the beach by yourself: peaceful and beautiful, making you appreciate life as a whole. It’s like a bonfire with your friends, where there’s no choice but to be happy because, well, why wouldn’t you be? It’s like spring coming after a harsh winter, where you’re thankful for any bit of sunshine that pops through the clouds. I want my life to be joyful and happy and uplifting. I want it to be like a ray of sunshine bursting through the clouds. I want to feel, not just think.

The video.

For me, the video goes along with the tune. The lead singer (Ryan) starts out following a path through the woods, discovering where he’s going to end up. I absolutely love exploring and discovering things; it’s in my nature (pun intended?). And as I previously mentioned, the tune of the song is inspiring to me. Inspiration, exploration, and discovery all go hand-in-hand in my life. I also love that he ends up in the woods, where there are few people. I like being off the beaten path sometimes in my life; it adds depth. When Ryan finally gets to his destination, there are people dancing, playing virtual tennis, playing music, etc. Basically, they’re all having fun and loving life. That’s what I want. Fun and love. And to top it all off, there are tons of colorful lights during the whole video. I love color, I think it’s what makes life beautiful, and it goes along with my fun and love theme of life. There is nothing inherently depressing about color. Sure, some are dark and drab, but it’s still color and it still adds pizzazz and depth to life. Life is no longer a 2-D canvas when there’s color involved. I love bright, fun colors and I think that describes my outlook on life.

I could go on and on about how this video embodies my dream life, but words on a screen can only do so much. I need hand motions and facial expressions…


P.S. Watch the video if you haven’t seen it…