The Story of how Chris Colfer didn’t know who the twelfth Doctor was, and how I was the one who got to tell him

So yesterday I went to Chris Colfer’s TLOS2 book signing in New Jersey. I was number 79 to meet him, but there were a ton of people that didn’t show up, so I wasn’t actually that far back in the line. I was a little bummed when I got inside because we could only take pictures up to a certain point, but I couldn’t even see him because he was sitting down and there were people in front of him. But I did get a picture of his hair, as it turns out, so that’s something! Anyways…

When it was my turn to meet him and get my book signed, the lady took my book and opened it for him. I introduced myself with a simple “Hi, I’m Carole.” and he responded with a “Hi, I’m Chris!”. By the way, he is totally gorgeous, his legs are like a mile long, and, at least to me, his voice was lower than I expected (but still so so beautiful). So he signed my book and I had totally forgotten what I was going to say to him. But as I was walking away, I remembered and turned back around and asked him his opinion on the new Doctor. He looked confused for like a split second until I clarified I meant Doctor Who and then his eyes got really big and he sat back in his chair and was like “Oh! I don’t know who it is! Who is it?!” So at this point I was internally like Whaaaaaat how does he not know who the new Doctor is, I thought he’d be all over that!!, but obviously he wasn’t. So I told him it was Peter Capaldi and he was like “I don’t know who that is, what do we know him from?!” (by the way, HE SAID WE. I DIED.). I was like “I don’t know, he’s very British.” But then I told him how he was in an episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant and how he played a Roman and maybe he knew him from there? But Chris responded with a “I don’t know, I’ll have to go look him up!” and then mentioned that he was just sad that they didn’t pick him to be the next Doctor. So we chuckled at that and then I said thank you and how it was nice meeting him and then I walked out.

So that’s the story of how, shockingly, Chris Colfer didn’t know who the twelfth Doctor was and how I got to be the lucky person to break the news to him that it was Peter Capaldi. It was so easy to talk to him, and it seriously felt like we were friends just having a conversation.. I feel so fucking special right now.

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