I know I mentioned this in my Darren Criss post, but like how fucking cool is it that I actually made a friend at that concert that I still hang out with?! Like, that is so awesome! I never knew I wanted that in life until I had it. And the fact that I met someone from FRANCE and still talk to her through social media. Oh, and speaking of social media, one big reason I totally love Tumblr is that you meet people from all over the world who have the same interests you do! Like today someone I follow asked if anyone wanted to chat, so I sent her a message. Well I found out that she lives in Sweden! So we just kept messaging back and forth about what life is like in our own cities and about our travels. Like, that is so fucking cool that a website can bring together people from all over the world who have similar interests and we can become friends. I definitely feel like this girl and I could become friends, and how cool would it be to say that I have a friend in Sweden?? I already have Céline in France…

No matter the pros and cons of social media, I will always think it’s amazing how it brings people together. I’ll have to write a longer post on that later…

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